Welcome! – First Post

First Post!

Welcome! This iy my post on the website feels good to write. I’ve had the goal for years to have a personal website. I bought a domain about 6 years ago to start one and it ended up just being my email instead of the website that I had hoped for it to be.

My reasons for never making a website were primarily that I never had the time (we’ve all said that before right?). I was focused on business projects and my boat rather than building a site to showcase my businesses and boats to the world. More doing than showing.

“Taking action is admirable, but showcasing your actions and allowing others to witness your efforts is what truly magnifies your impact in business.”

Building this website and publishing this first post is my way of starting to showcase my efforts for others to see and expand my impact beyond those around me daily. One of my primary goals in life is to provide value to many people and a positive impact on others as an overall. 

Over the years I’ve long pushed for positive change in the favour of customers and coworkers in my professional life and in my personal life I have been a driver in helping those who are important to me. This website is going to be a place to showcase everything from my work, my businesses, my learnings in everything from tech to finance to boating and general life. It will serve as a public space for me to share my thoughts and showcase who I am and what I do. 

My goal with the site is to make a monthly post at the least and hopefully provide more posts when time allows. I have a few that are currently in the works for bringing together my thoughts, and working to nail down a writing style for this site – personal but still professional to not need to keep out of the professional spotlight.

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Thanks for reading and look forward to having you back!

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