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Josh Kirby

Technology, business, boating and the great outdoors are what most interests me.

 Hello, I’m Josh Kirby, entrepreneur, boater, engineer, passionate about technology, finance, data (technology/finance especially), marine everything. I believe in working hard to create opportunities for yourself, your family, friends and everyone around you. Solving problems for as many people as possible is my goal.

I have a background in DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and business, with over 6 years of experience in managing cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, as well as teams of engineers, marketers, sales representatives, and others . Throughout my career, I’ve launched 6 businesses varying from SaaS companies in as little as 10 weeks, content marketing networks with over 15 websites and 10 writers as well as helped multiple companies in terms of DevOps/SRE work.

Currently, I’m focused on launching my first company that is not an online only company while also enabling others to start software companies easier. I’m excited about expanding my knowledge in terms of business opertunities and beginning to enable others to learn from my experiences to build businesses faster.

My work is driven by integrity, desire to learn, helping others, and providing the most value I can to the world. I believe in the moto “always be learning”  and doing right by customers, and strive to educate others at every change I get, and always focus on improving the customer experience.

Let’s connect and work together or discuss opportunities for collaboration. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or reach out via email at using my contact page.


Business has been an interest and passion of mine for over a decade. I have ran multiple technology startups and assisted others with their operations from both a technical and business process perspective.


Technology and computers as an interest dates back to breaking the family Windows computer as a child. Through my teens, I started developing programming and server administration skills. I now have 6 years of professional experience.


Boating has long been my primary hobby and interest. I got my license at 12 years-old and my first boat later that year in a 2-for-1 deal. Nowadays I own a Blackfin 212CC to fish the St. Lawerence River and Lake Ontario on the Canadian side.


Being outside in nature relating away from the stresses of daily life, technology and business is an amazing feeling. One I find myself seeking out more and more often as the world grows more dependant on technology. 

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