Building in Public: Combining Tech and Craft in Two Ventures

Building in Public: Combining Tech and Craft in Two Ventures

Embarking on the journey of building not just one but two businesses in public is both an exhilarating and challenging endeavor. For me, this journey is about combining my passion for technology with the hands-on satisfaction of crafting physical products. In this blog post, I’ll outline my plans for creating a DevOps starter kit for SaaS companies and launching a laser engraving and woodworking business as a local side project.

As someone entrenched in the startup/tech world, I’ve noticed a common challenge among Software as a Service (SaaS) companies—establishing robust DevOps practices from the get-go. Many startups struggle with setting up efficient pipelines, managing infrastructure, and ensuring seamless deployment processes. This realization sparked the idea for my new venture: a comprehensive DevOps starter kit tailored specifically for SaaS companies.

Building in public means transparency and collaboration. I plan to document every step of this venture, from conceptualization to product development and marketing strategies. This includes sharing insights into:

  1. Needs Assessment: Understanding the pain points and requirements of SaaS companies regarding DevOps.
  2. Tool Selection: Curating the right set of tools and technologies for automating development, testing, and deployment workflows.
  3. Documentation: Creating user-friendly guides, tutorials, and best practices for implementing DevOps processes effectively.
  4. Community Engagement: Building a community around the starter kit to foster knowledge sharing, feedback loops, and continuous improvement.

By building in public, I aim to not only create a valuable product but also contribute to the broader tech community by sharing valuable insights and resources.

On the flip side of the digital realm, I’ve always had a passion for creating tangible, custom-made items. This led me to explore the world of laser engraving and woodworking—a perfect blend of craftsmanship and modern technology. My plan is to launch a local side project focused on offering personalized laser-engraved products and handcrafted woodworking pieces.

Building this business in public involves showcasing the entire journey, from selecting the right equipment and materials to designing unique products and establishing a local customer base. Here are some aspects I’ll be sharing:

  1. Craftsmanship: Highlighting the artistry and attention to detail in each laser-engraved item and woodworking creation.
  2. Customization: Demonstrating the process of taking customer ideas and turning them into bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces.
  3. Local Engagement: Partnering with local events, markets, and businesses to promote the brand and connect with the community.
  4. Sustainability: Emphasizing eco-friendly practices, such as using responsibly sourced wood and minimizing waste in production.

By building this business in public, I not only invite feedback and support from the local community but also aim to inspire others to pursue their passion for crafting tangible goods in a modern, sustainable way.

Building two businesses in public—one in the digital realm of DevOps for SaaS companies and the other in the physical realm of laser engraving and woodworking—represents a holistic approach to entrepreneurship. It’s about leveraging technology to streamline processes and create innovative solutions while also honoring traditional craftsmanship and community engagement.

Through transparency, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, I look forward to sharing this journey with fellow entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and learners alike. Stay tuned for updates, insights, and the evolution of these two exciting ventures!

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